Monday, September 17, 2012

Laissez les Bons temps Rouler

Tom, Sophia and I decided to join Christa, Sean and Jessie in NOLA for Easter this year.  What a great idea, until Murph and I decided, heck why don't we do a 10K while we are there also?  No matter, that I had never done a 10K, or that I was getting in about midnight the night before.  Why let details stand in our way?

So we were up early on Saturday to go race through the city with 26,000 other nuts ready to run around in 85 degree heat.  The bellhop at our hotel cautioned us to bring a sweatshirt as it was "chilly out", but we rebelled and went out in our race clothes above.

Once we got started, we determined that this was not your "average" race.  Instead of water stops, there were beer tables.  There were Jaeger trucks and margarita stops and we became best friends with the "Jello Shot Brigade."  When Murph asked me are we going for time or fun, I just smiled and had another jello shot!

We finished the course in a very respectable time, despite the heat and the drinking.  We decided to stop at Jester's for a frozen slushy drink to cap off the morning as we chuckled over our "funny" of the day - "We have no knuckles!"

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  1. Love it! I wish they would have brownies at aid stations!