Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where Has The Time Gone?

My baby turns 1 in 5 days? Where did the last 360 days go? One year ago, I was cursing my doctor telling her to get this kid out of me, because she was 1 day late and I needed to go to Japan in 16 days! 24 hours of languishing in the hospital waiting for the drugs to kick in to induce labor did nothing to improve my mood! I was not sick, I was bored! Luckily, Mary Jo, Fay and Wendy came and played Scrabble Slam and Trivial Pursuit. Fay was on a roll with her stand-up comedy routine and my room was definitely the loudest on the floor.

Finally, labor. Laughing hysterically that Tom got up in the middle of the night and got dressed so he could spring into action at a moment's notice. Too bad that moment, took 12 hours! Then, there was the epidural, that took 1 1/2 hours to put in (3 attempts) and we cursing at the 3 Doctors screaming "I told you I did not want medical students!" only to find out they were just inept doctors! I was too pissed to be embarrassed!

Flash forward a year, how could it be a year! She is the most captivating creature on the planet. Her new game of peek-a-b00 is hysterical. She will cover her face, or her eyes, or even part of 1 eye and will not stop until you say "Where's Sophia? She's hiding on Mommy!" We need to have a talk - a ball the size of your hand does not cover your whole body.

She is already playing Mommy and Daddy. She will not feed herself when we are around. She will pick up her puff, hand it to you and then open her mouth! Really, Lazy Daisy??? But, put her in the big kid's room at school and she is eating her snack by herself and using her sippy cup like a pro. Hmmmm, we talk to your teachers ya know!

How about her melodramatics? She can be playing along, get tired, and just lay down, sprawl out and sigh. Really, life is that hard? You've lost your will? In 5 seconds? I wish I could decompress that quickly!

It's definitely been the best year of my life, but also the craziest! Happy Birthday to Mommy's Little Baby!