Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baseball Shenanigan's

Wendy and I always have weird adventures when we go places. No matter where it is, Starbuck's, shopping, vacation, there is always some weirdo with radar who hones in on us. First, we were driving to Detroit and saw something that must have been illegal if the police were around. We saw a mini-van cruising down 94 with both slide doors open, with the driver and the passenger holding them. Probably not the safest thing ever as you drive 70 mph. One wrong move and appendages are gone. If your windows do not work, wouldn't you maybe bungee cord the door open for air instead of this alternative? Not sure we are dealing with the smartest people here!

OK, now we get to our seats to be asked by Mr. Perky Usher, where are our seats? Um, where we are sitting stupid! After being told that he did not realize that the Tigers had sold any tickets in this section, we were left alone. Why would they not sell tickets in this section? It is one of the best in the stadium. I guess it was our private VIP section. No sausage stuffed LA Dodgers section.

As a few more people sat in the section, again the usher's perplexment, the Bald Brigade sat down in front of us. 4 men dressed the same, in the same type of glasses, all with no hair. Were they trying to be quadruplets? Really, you just look ridiculous!

What's up with the Weird Wave people? Why are they at every game and why do they think it is their responsibility to convince 30,000 people to act like idiots instead of watching the game?

Finally, at the last Tiger's game, we had a first. The seagulls started congregating on the field for a convention when a load screech erupts. The grounds crew is shooting flares with hunting sounds off to scare the birds. This goes on for several innings before the heinous sound ends! I can understand this at Giant's stadium maybe, but in the middle of the D? Really? Who thought this was a good idea?

As Wendy and I spend the evening laughing, we chalk it up to another wacky weirdo adventure!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Freaky Facts and Odd Outings

Well, it's been a while since my last blog, but we were on Day 3 of our Pittsburgh part guy. Wendy offered to hang out with Sophia so Fay and I could explore. First, we went to Fallingwater, which does not allow visitors under 6. WTF? They are too good for little kids? After hiking a 1/4 mile down a trail in thunder and lightening, we arrived at the magnificent Frank Llyod Wright house where apparently all the guides are required to use walking sticks. Our dressed in black, bedazzled jacket woman with hair as high as a bee hive, regaled for over an hour about unique architect facts, while Fay and I focused in on the bar and kept telling each other "Just a splash darling, I'm serious" as we giggled through the tour sneaking cheese crackers to eat (as we were starving)!

The we decided to drive another 6 miles into the stix to see another Frank Lloyd Wright house, Kentuck Knob. What a funny name! I certainly would not brag about living at a house with a name like that. Speaking of, why do people name their houses? What should Tom and I name our condo? Hmmm, McAllister Manse, Meadow Hall, really? I don't think so.

Then, it was off to a winery, and to Nemocolin Spa and Resort, which immediately plunged us into the movie Dirty Dancing as we were yelling "No Body Puts Baby in a Corner!" Things got crazy in the car when we saw a sign for Mystic Falls and started looking for Damon and Stephen Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries. We were sure we would be bit by a vampire at any minute!

On the way back to Uniontown, we paid homage to the Scott's when we visited Fort Necessity (where we don't like history that you have to pay for), Braddock's Grave and the Mount Washington Tavern.

The day completed with me going to bed while Wendy, Fay and her Dad (who was not technically playing) trivial pursuit yelling answers. I was woken up to be quizzed about the strongest muscle in the human body. Groggily, I said "the tongue, of course" turned over and prayed that these two crazies would let me go back to sleep!