Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Science of Sightseeing

So up early Thursday morning for a marathon day of sightseeing. After spending the prerequisite 1/2 hour packing up all the crap we unpacked the night before and hauling it to the car and pretending to feed Sophia a waffle to freak Tom out, we were off to Barnes and Noble to stand in line for our passes to the Jen Lancaster book signing that night. That's when the fun started! Jean Jacket Bitchy Girl decided that she had been "temporarily hired" by Barnes and Noble to tell everyone else in line what to do, because being #4 in line somehow also grants you the power to be an ass! After securing the 14th, 15th and 16th "golden tickets" and securing our books, we were off to downtown to walk along the river front and take a tour of PNC park.

The tour was awesome and we got to go all over the place and met pitchers James McDonald (right off the minors plane) and Paul Malholm. We oohed and ahhed over where the Taylor Lautner movie "Abduction" was filmed within the stadium. We were able to go on the warning track on the field and in the dugout. Because Sophia is super cute, she got to put her tootsies down on the actual grass!

Then it was off to lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and off to Monongahela Incline, which for the life of me I could not pronounce much to Wendy and Fay's amusement. After the hot 5 minute RIDE up the side of the hill, we decided we should reward ourselves with ice cream, for which we had to walk 100 feet for. If we wanted gourmet coffee, we would have had to walk 120 feet, so being lazy, we decided that was too far!

Then it was back to the Waterfront to hang out until Jen's book event. We decided to have a WT picnic on the grass in the parking lot so Sophia could roly poly and we could chill. That lasted for all of 10 minutes before it started pouring, thunder and lightening. So we decided to do what we do best - SHOP! Off to DSW!

I decided to try on some Guess flip flops (retailing for $24.95). As I put them back in the box to purchase them, I see blue ink on my chest. After inspection, the security ink tag on these shoes has exploded onto my skin, my new, first time worn shorts and my boob. They are so lucky that Sophia wasn't Smurfed up like I was or they really would have had a pissed off person on their hands! After "this has never happened before" by several members of the staff, I left looking like Smurfette. Really, you need a ink tag for cheap flip flops? These are not Loubatins or Manolos or even Havianas for F sake, really? Boy, they really trust their customers!

Not wanting to go to the Book signing looking like a deranged fan, a quick change in the parking lot was necessary (luckily we still had all our crap in the car)! From there it was off to an uneventful dinner at Gran Agave followed by the book signing which was excellent! After securing our signed books and our requisite picture, we started the 1 hour trek to Wendy's parent's house where it continued to rain hard enough to cause flooding. We swear we saw Noah's Arc pass by and a flying cow shoot by.

Once finally at Tom and Donna's it was time to unpack the car, set up the pack and play again (we did better this time) and pass out! Tomorrow is another day of fun!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Pittsburgh....

As I sat down to write this blog, the play, "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" came to mind. Not sure why, by hey, it made for a good title. Let me set the stage (pun intended) - Fay, Wendy and I are about to take Sophia on her 1st girl's road trip. This adventure will take place in 5 acts (5 days - Wednesday night - Sunday) and will feature comedy, drama, tragedy and adventure!

The adventure starts as I am trying to pack the Green Vue for the adventure. After I have crammed the pack and play, the bumbo, the stroller, diapers, formula, food, a myriad of outfits and some toys into the back, I wonder "Where in the hell will I put Fay and Wendy's items?" We decide we don't need to see out of the back of the car window and we will only drive forward so we do not have to use our rear view mirror. Crisis averted!

After Wendy is warned not to pack like WT (in plastic grocery bags) and to use a luggage apparatus with a zipper, we are off! The Ohio turnpike is enough to poke your eye out, it is so boring! When you look it up on FourSquare, one of the options that comes up is BFE. I agreed heartily and checked in!

Sophia did really well on the 5+ hour drive as I whined "Are we there yet?" about every 15 minutes. We stopped for Popeyes chicken (who says rest stop food is not awesome) and then a Starbuck's. We arrived at the Comfort Inn (thanks Rachel) and proceeded to acquire a luggage cart to start the 1/2 hour process of unloading the car, dealing with a leaky, POS cooler and assembling the pack and play in the room. Who knew it would take 3 college educated people to make that happen? Sophia enjoyed her 1st night in a hotel as we got some much needed sleep for Day 2 of our adventure, which I am dubbing "Bee Bopping in the 'Burgh!"