Thursday, January 12, 2012

Festive Fun in Florida

Wendy, Sophia and I went to Florida to visit my parents in December. It's weird to be able to go swimming two weeks before Christmas!

First, the flight down was a debacle! In between eating a container full of gold fish, Sophia screamed for 2 hours. That was bad enough, but when the flight attendant told me "you have a very cute kid, but I am glad she is getting off the plane", I went ballistic! Are you f'ing kidding me? Do you think I was having a party during this time? Wendy and I were tag teaming and nothing would calm her down. Thank you Delta for the 7,500 miles because of your dumb ass staff member!

The Reindeer Run 5K at Sea World that Wendy and I participated in was awesome! Of course, our pace was slower than normal as we stopped to watch the dolphins, take pictures and check out the park. Again, the adventure started at the end of the event. In our excitement to be at Sea World, we did not look where we had parked and now we were looking for our car in a lot that contained 5,000 participants and park goers.

We decided to approach the Sea World workers in a golf cart so they could drive us around to look for our car. As we approached, we saw a woman yelling at them because there was a traffic jam in the parking lot as no one was directing all the racers out. After going back and forth, the woman screamed "Come On Sea World!" and marched away. Wendy and I were in hysterics, we found our car without a golf cart ride and headed back to Mom and Dads.

The last event of the week, Shrek the Halls, a Ice Extravagnza. 2,000,000 pounds of ice all carved into the Christmas Shrek story. Who else could find an attraction which required winter clothing when it is 70 degrees outside? Sophia loved the mannequin Santa, until we stood in line for 20 minutes to see the real Santa and she started shrieking. Fun times!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Help the Holidays Have Begun!

"Randy lay there like a slug, it was his only defense." - A Christmas Story

The Holiday Seasons are always fraught with drama, uncontrollable chaos and way too much to do.

For me, the holiday season started off with going to see White Christmas at the Fox Theater with Jaime. Nothing says holidays like the panhandlers in Detroit. But it was cold and I was able to wear my Burberry scarf, so it put me in a festive mood!

Christmas pictures with Santa commenced. Even with Auntie Fay singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and generally making a fool of herself in the mall, only Mommy and Santa were smiling in the pictures. At least we were color coordinated!

Up next, the 5K Turkey Trot with Fay on Thanksgiving morning. Nothing prepared us for the hills, as we huffed and puffed on our day off. Fay got hungry in the middle of the walk and I believe we were the only walkers calling McDonald's during the race to see if they were open! We needed sustenance! If it wasn't so early, we toyed with Jimmy John's as they "are freaky fast" and deliver.

Day after Thanksgiving shopping. Again, why do people where costumes/outfits to inappropriate locations? No one wants to see your pajama pants and we definitely don't think you need to wear a hard hat while shopping. People like that tell me to stay away from them, as they are the ones that end up on the news for punching another shopper to save a buck or two.

All this in a span of 20 days, time to fortify myself for December!