Monday, June 4, 2012

Winterlaufe 8K - ROAD TRIP!

Our next race was Winterlaufe on February 4 in Frankenmuth, MI and we invited Mindy and Murph to join the madness!

We headed up on Friday night and we all met at 8 am for a group breakfast with everyone.  There were kids, kids, every where!  Then the chaos started - there was movies, games and oatmeal all over the place!  There were unhappy people who got Stollen french toast and did not know what Stollen was. (Just in case, Stollen is a fruit cake containing dried fruit and covered with sugar, powdered sugar or icing sugar).

After the boys and kids went off to swim, it was time for  our 1st 8K race.  4.97 miles - agh!  What possessed us!

Things started out well until we got to the hills.  I am not talking a gentle grade, I am talking hills that require huffing and puffing, which is hard to do dressed like Nanook of the North replete with ear muffs, puffy coats and gloves!

Then, we got about 1/2 way through the course to find out it was a mud race.  We had to walk through a muddy corn field and back.  We were shuffling along like we were in a blue hair walker race, trying not to fall into the mud and save our expensive sneakers from being ruined!

We finished, Murph jogging ahead, while the rest of us dragging up the rear.  It wasn't pretty but we did it!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Freeze Your A** Off 5K!

Another brilliant idea had by Fay and I - in our quest to do at least 1 5K every month, we decide to trek 1 hour and 15 minutes to Shelby Township, early in the morning, on the day of the Yearender.  Really, should have slept on this idea before signing up!

First of all, we drive to the ends of the earth to find out we do not even get a t-shirt for this race.  You have a choice of gloves or a head band.  WTF?  Really?  I am sure a medallion is definitely out of the picture now as well!

Second, I thought the race was called Freeze Your Fanny (apropos for January 28th in Michigan), but it was called Freeze Your Franny ( a mythical Maxine like funny looking lady), where people dressed up as her for a costume contest.  It should have been named "Freeze Your A** 5K" as we were being beat down by the sleet and the winds from the lake.

Lesson learned:  Take a break from 5Ks in January or find a tropical location to participate in them!