Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You Have to Eat Twinkies at the Race?

Seems hard to believe that this is true.  But it was, and Fay and I found this race and it was in Ann Arbor to boot!

The rules were simple:

  • Eat a twinkie before crossing the start line
  • Walk/Run 1.65 miles
  • Eat twinkie
  • Walk/Run 1.65 miles
  • Collapse at the finish line with a stomach ache
We persevered and posted our best 5K time today - who says we can't overcome adversity?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shamrocking and Rolling

Next up a 5K in Plymouth, called Shamrock and Roll.  Finally, a place to wear our hats from our friends from JCI Ireland and not look like complete goobers!

As we were walking to the race area, a man stopped up.  Due to our matchy-matchy shirts, our hats, and our shamrock face tattoos, he wanted us in the race video.

We had 1 line, "How do you like us so far?" and of course I got excited to be in a video, I said it before the guy, said "3,2,1!"  Some much for following simple directions!  Take 2 was perfection though!

Our Cool Video (check out our 15 minutes of fame at minute 3:36).

Monday, July 16, 2012

Shamrock and Walk - Another Florida Event!

To be a glutton for punishment, I decided to register for a 2-mile walk on my birthday!  Sophia, Mom and I decided we would do this together.

For the 19th annual Shamrock and Walk, we were dealing with amateurs.  First of all, it started at 3 pm.  Who starts a race at 3 pm?  In 85 and humid heat? We got there and we did not even get running bibs cause we were doing the walk?  What is that?  Just because we are walking, it does not mean we do not care about our time!!!

This made me mad and with 45 minutes until race time, we decided since no one really cared about us walkers, we would start our 2 miles now and avoid the wait!  Using the race map, we went on our merry way and completed the 2 miles.  We were done before the race started and off to McDonald's for a Shamrock Shake.

They should have asked me to plan this event, it would not have been a goat rodeo!