Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wedding Wackiness - T - 1 Days

So, it's Friday in Vegas and we have lots to do. We started off with manicures and pedicures at the salon doing our hair for the wedding. Wow! It was like a strip club in the daylight. There was more cleavage than a Miss America beauty contest. After taking bets on whether a wardrobe malfunction was going to occur and laughing through our services, it was off to have lunch and hang out in Vegas.

Around dinner time, was when the fun began! Off to the rehearsal where Dad decided it was time to get sick and start spewing all over the parking lot! The winds were over 50 mph so we tried to conduct the rehearsal outside while holding onto our dresses for dear life! We started discussing contingency plans for the wedding. When finished here, Dad was off to the ER with Kiki and Ronnie and the rest of the group was off to the Golden Steer for the rehearsal dinner.

We pulled into the Golden Steer and I had a major freak out. It was in a strip mall. What did Tom's Dad choose? But when we walked in, it was perfect! It was a former Rat Pack hangout with the large red velvet booths. The martinis were flowing, Mom was worried about Dad, Dad, Kiki and Ronnie missed dinner but KL exclaimed "this is the best Filet Mignon I have ever had!" as she has had so many filets in her 7 years of life! It took her less than 10 minutes to devour a 8 oz. filet!

From there, we went off to Rouge at the MGM Grand to hang out with all our friends, drink a bottle of champagne in E and Corina's room in like 10 minutes, and have a lot more martinis! Scott G showed up (when he was supposed to be in Europe) so there was lots of screaming and carrying on with excitement.

What a great end to a crazy day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wedding Wackiness - T - 2 days

Let's set the record straight - we had a destination wedding in Las Vegas. We DID NOT have a married by Elvis wedding at the Little Chapel of Love. None the less, 51 people trekked to Las Vegas to see Tom and I get married and we had a fabulous time!

The bridal party left Thursday morning (early!) MJ and I stumbled to our gate with Starbuck's in hand, while Scott was raring to go with a complete poker chip set, his tuxedo and only a duffel bag of clothes for a 4 day trip. Come to find out, he had 2 pairs of shorts, sneakers and some t-shirts, along with 1 nice outfit, so we saw all of Scott's wardrobe several times that weekend.

When we got to Vegas, the bridal party went off to secure there mini-van for the weekend and Tom and I headed to the shady area of Vegas to get our marriage license. Now, this place could have been it's own reality TV show! We were sandwiched in line between a toothless wonder and his hoochy bride whose kid was hanging all over, misbehaving and make lots of noise and some "normal" looking couples. After being there for a couple of hours, we emerged victorious with our marriage license, ran to our car (to avoid getting mugged) and hit the acceleration back to our hotel to join the rest of the group.

We got back and found Kiki's luggage missing, Liz's umbrella broken, an In and Out Burger run occurring without us and general chaos all abound. Thursday night was our Bachelor/Bachelorette party. We started jointly at MIX at the Hotel at Mandalay in our pink boas overlooking the city from the 63rd floor. Mike showed up and surprised me and then the party broke apart and we went off to Burger Bar for dinner and then to Forty Deuce for a burlesque show and some debauchery. The boys, Kristen, and Meghan were off to the strip club in a limo. All was fine until Meghan's purse was taken, the night went downhill from there and ended with too much Crown Royale for Tom and some late night poker!

What is in store for the day before the wedding?